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    Refined and elegant, ASSIA is a cache-pot with light from the unmistakable charm. Its harmonic forms similar to a tulip, make ASSIA a valuable ally in creating unique environments, both in interior design contexts and in outdoor spaces. The light, which expands uniformly throughout the height of the vase, creates soft atmospheres, ideal for relaxing moments in private gardens or contract events. Excellent with cascading plants and flowers. ASSIA is also available in the colored variant without light (article visible below in related products). 

    Standard lighting Led system: stainless steel base with 12W bulb at cold white light 6.500°K. Power cord 3mt and German plug / Schuko. IP65 with IP44 plug (bulb not included).

    Led RGBW kit: system equipped with rechargeable batteries and remote control. Recharging is done via an induction plate. The kit is equipped with grade IP68 and charging base IP20. Illumination duration 10-12 hours, recharge time 5/6 hours. The system is able to produce light in color: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, turquoise, blue, pink, fuchsia, green. Moreover, with the remote control it is possible to set up five different programs: fixed light, random, flash, strobe and fade, with further possibility to increase or decrease the intensity of lighting.

    Made in EU.

    • Small:

      External ø 40x31,5cm, Internal ø 30x26cm, Height 85cm, Base ø 24cm, Weight 4,4kg.



    • Medium:

      External ø 53x38cm, Internal ø 33x27cm, Height 115cm, Base ø 30cm, Weight 6,4kg.

    • Large:

      External ø 53x38cm, Internal ø 33x27cm, Height 140cm, Base ø 32cm, Weight 9,4kg.

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