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Modu Exclusive Collection

MODU - Furniture in modules Furniture should fit perfectly into your space, enrich it and emphasize its unique features.Therefore, in addition to solid workmanship and the highest quality fabrics, the overriding idea of MODU furniture was modularity and variability. MODU does not impose ready-made solutions on you. All creative power is in your hands.Choose your furniture, organize your space and enjoy relaxation in your own dimension. And if you feel the desire to change ... the MODU will change with you! So create a unique set and let this furniture simply fit you.


Arucas is a city located on an island on the Atlantic Ocean, 12 kilometers from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It inspired us to create furniture that combines the beauty of local architecture with the charm of pebble and sandy beaches.They look perfect in sunny white - we are recalled by these beautiful views and carefree holiday relaxation. The furniture blends wonderfully with the flowers - Arucas was once called the City of Flowers. And one more inspiration. The Rum Arehucas factory can suggest the good taste of this furniture.

arucas 1.jpg
paella 1.jpg


A unique dinner set inspired by the Spanish dish called Paella. It is prepared on the basis of rice with the addition of saffron. It may contain pieces of seafood - pieces of the sun of Spain are incorporated into our design of this furniture.The name of the dish comes from the Latin word patella, meaning a metal vessel used by the Romans to offer gifts to the gods. The meaning of this set is clear - feel what it is like to eat a divine meal under Spanish skies.


We invite you to Tenerife. Legend has it that it is a remnant of the lost Atlantis and, in fact, there is something unusual about this island. The collection is inspired by the Teide volcano - the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean. There is such a beautiful view from its top that it is a pity to leave this place. And this is also what the furniture in this collection is like - it's a pity to leave it. When you look from them, the world looks different. The first inhabitants of the Canary Islands believed that Teide reaches to heaven. Our furniture is not that high, but it feels like heaven.

teide 1.jpg
modern 1.jpg


Comfortable minimalism in a perfect edition. We have been looking for a long time for furniture that would allow us to recall memories of a warm holiday. Such furniture could not be found. So we made them for ourselves. This is how this series of modern furniture such as "exotic holidays on your own terrace" was born. When more friends fell in love with these furniture, we had no other choice - we launched their production. Thanks to this, you can also feel the atmosphere of sunny Spain, relaxing lazily on your terrace.


Beautiful art. To create this set, we hired designers from the Academy of Fine Arts to offer something extraordinary. You can say that when you look at this set, you are communing with art. They enjoy the eyes and the sense of touch. It is a combination of artistic attention to the smallest detail with applied art, now available to anyone who wants to take a deep breath from the experience. The most important thing is the comfort they give. Because it is more pleasant to rest in such a beautiful environment.

mauro 1.jpg


The inspiration for this furniture set comes from the heart of the Spanish mountains. The Maladeta is a mountain range in the Western Pyrenees, close to the French border. On its top floor, eternal snow and small glaciers are visible. The slightly cooler climate of this set will appeal to those who prefer to keep a distance from the world. Like Mauro, this set is a child of designers from the Academy of Fine Arts. It has a style that does not fade away with fad, which, combined with its durability, guarantees a long service life.

MODU Accessories

Here you can buy different type of accessories including Lanterns, Flower Pots and extra chairs for your set!

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